July 2021 -Three healthy Barn Owl chicks successfully checked and ringed in the National Trust owl window nestbox.

In June 2020, the Shropshire Barn Owl Group worked with the National Trust to build an owl window and insulated nestbox in the external wall and loft space of a barn conversion.

Now, just one year later, a new pair is well established in the building and holidaymakers get the remarkable opportunity to experience Barn Owls, literally a few feet away.

It shows that with a little planning, goodwill and compromise, barn conversions can accommodate both people and Barn Owls.

June 2021

Pleased to report that an inspection of the owl window nestbox has been successful. When checked in June 2021 it was found to contain three Barn Owl chicks, with the adults also in residence!

This is a very quick response and clearly illustrates how effective mediation can be in securing breeding Barn Owls in buildings up for development and will no doubt provide much interest and satisfaction for the property owners.

Another new breeding pair created and secured.

Working with the National Trust, in 2020 the Shropshire Barn Owl Group constructed an owl window and nestbox chamber in an old farm building due for development.

The owl window in the external wall provides direct access to the insulated nestbox chamber fixed on the  internal wall. A space at the rear of the nestbox was partioned off from the rest of the building, allowing for both access to the box for inspection and seclusion for the owls.

Barn Owls are present in the area and the installation of the nestbox will help mitigate against any loss of nesting and roosting opportunities in the building and will hopefully soon attract a breeding pair. We will monitor it in due course.

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