The Shropshire Barn Owl Group seeks to make contact with farmers and landowners throughout Shropshire who have both a desire to help the conservation of the barn owl and have the essential habitat on their land to do so. One effective way of making contact is to produce articles for mainstream farming journals which are widely read by the farming community and other landowners. In the past, this has produced a large volume of enquiries which we follow up with a survey to assess the suitability of the land for barn owls.

We are also regularly invited to submit articles of interest to conservation groups which allows us to inform them of our progress to date and the practical steps that we are taking to promote the conservation of the Barn Owl in Shropshire.

Some of these articles are produced below for your interest. Please click on the links.


' Barn Owls - back from the brink'

Shropshire Wildlife Trust magazine Wildlife. Spring/Summer 2022

Glyn and Delia article April 2012.docx Glyn and Delia article April 2012.docx
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The Shropshire Barn Owl Group.pdf The Shropshire Barn Owl Group.pdf
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Action for Barn Owls.pdf Action for Barn Owls.pdf
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